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Submit your Oside Gift Guide item


Promote your business during the holidays 


This holiday season, MSO is helping members by promoting an Oside Gift Guide.


It is FREE for your business to enter a gift idea. We will run ads on Facebook and Instagram to promote it. 


How it works


  • Select a great gift idea to encourage people to shop local with you 

  • Send MSO your gift idea, and we’ll promote it

  • The quicker you send it, the longer it will be advertised 


What you need to do


Send MSO your gift guide idea including:


  • Photo: high quality, large file size 

  • Item name: 5 words. (maximum 35 characters only)

  • Description: 50 words, include price 

  • Link: to your website, Facebook OR Instagram account 


Need help with gift ideas? How about these ideas: Retail - items you stock in your retail store; Food & Bev - gift cards, items you sell to take home; or for Services - deals, gift baskets, and gift cards.

Check out what other businesses are doing here:  


During December, we will promote your business gift idea in an integrated marketing campaign to drive business, to provide extra benefit to our members. Send us 1 great gift idea, we will promote it to the media, on social media, and the website. 



How to submit 


Submit your gift guide idea to  


Please include: 

  • Business name:

  • Your name: 

  • Your cell (in case we need to text you):

  • Gift item name (5 words max):

  • Description, including price (50 words max):

  • Your business Website, Facebook OR Instagram account link: 

  • Attach a high quality good looking photo of the gift item! 



OR use this form, and do it all online: 

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