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Getting Emergency Care When It Is Not Coronavirus-Related

Getting Emergency Care When It Is Not Coronavirus-Related

Know when to go to urgent care or emergency room

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, emergency medical situations unrelated to COVID-19 still occur. So, what should you do during this crisis if you need to seek medical care for a condition that you feel simply cannot wait?

While the answer is not always simple, knowing the level of care you need whether it be an emergency room, urgent care or telemedicine — could save your life in a medical emergency and can ensure that you get appropriate treatment while allowing hospitals to make the best use of their available resources.

“I’m concerned that people experiencing life-threatening conditions, such as a heart attack or stroke, are delaying seeking emergency help out of fear of contracting the virus in the hospital or may be worried about adding additional strain to the medical system,” says Ghazala Sharieff, MD, Scripps chief medical officer, clinical excellence and experience. “We want people to know that if you are experiencing a true emergency, we will always be there for you.”

When to go to an emergency room

There are several medical conditions that are considered eme