• Marlena Medford

The Green House & Blooms Design House

Entrepreneurial couple Keith Haman and Breesa Lee Everett each opened a business in Downtown Oceanside during the pandemic: a plant-based sandwich shop, and a retail floral shop and design studio, both in Pier View Plaza.

Photos by Mirelle Carmichael

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Oceanside native Keith Haman did what many of us did: He went into survival mode.

As a music teacher at an elementary school, the pandemic meant steep cuts to his livelihood. As his contract work dwindled, he began to think about his next move.

“We’ve been eating vegan for many years, and I’d been playing with the idea of opening a vegan sandwich shop for years,” he explained. “So, I decided to finally go for it.”

But he wasn’t the only one planning a big pivot in his home.

Keith’s wife, Breesa, has been a florist for years, mostly for weddings and special events. But as the pandemic brought gatherings to a halt, she knew she needed to shift her business, too.

“Counter to every plan I have ever made for my business, I realized it made sense to open a retail flower shop,” she said.