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716 Seagaze Drive



Seagaze 16 is a proposed new luxury mixed-us structure that will redefine market expectations for in-town living in downtown Oceanside.


At the ground level, expansive live/work lofts with soaring 18-foot ceilings and walls of folding glass are designed to engage the pedestrian experience and enliven the streetscape. Crafted of lightly textured, sand-blasted cast-concrete, the ground level materiality is directly paying homage to the classic architectural history of downtown Oceanside and it’s multitude of 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s structures featuring cast concrete elements (the current NCTD headquarters building on Mission Avenue being a standout example).


Cast-concrete “fins” on the Nevada elevation “look” to Mission Avenue and the NCTD Building, referencing the architectural language of downtown and drawing it south at a smaller, more residential scale. The residential transition continues on the Nevada elevation with large setbacks containing extensive landscaping and a huge pedestrian arrival experience. Bike racks, integrated ramping, brise soleil screening and a dramatic stair tower all speak to engaging the visitor and welcoming them to the building.


At the second level, the project steps back dramatically and features a substantial, additional layer of landscaping from these large outdoor decks. Gardening is the focus with resident amenities (yoga/exercise studio, Jacuzzi, BBQ, etc.) tucked in. Rising from floors two through six, the “tower” element is slender and light in presence. Verticality and view are the primary drivers with dramatic floor-to-ceiling glazing and large integrated outdoor decks for entertaining.


The project represents a new era of exciting, high-quality design for downtown Oceanside from a proven developer of environmentally responsible, game-changing projects.

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