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The mural site is at 301 Seagaze Drive, Oceanside, California. 


Public art facade project in Downtown Oceanside 

The Art that Excites program is currently managing a public art facade project for the Oceanside Transit Center Parking Structure located at 301 Seagaze Drive. The parking structure acts as one of Oceanside's gateways serving transit users and downtown visitors as a free parking structure.  

This project has reached the final phase of the selection process where the community has voted for the winning mural concept (pictured below). 

Commencement of the public facade art project will begin in early July 2024 with final installation anticipated by the end of August 2024. 

The art facade project is funded and supported by the Oceanside California Cultural District (OCCD), MainStreet Oceanside, and the City of Oceanside Arts Commission.

For questions or concerns, please contact Gumaro Escarcega at 760-754-4512 or email

"The concept for this mural is broken into three distinct yet coherent parts, which emphasize rather than shy away from the unique, multi-shaped facade of the OTC parking structure.

Taking the mural in from the northwest corner, visitors will initially be greeted by a unique pattern reminiscent of Spanish tile. As one of the more distinguishing visual characteristics of Southern California, this pattern will serve to excite and delight visitors while simultaneously reminding them of our local traditions and industries (more than 40 companies produced decorative tiles throughout Southern California between 1910-1940 and several still operate today!). The pattern seen in the attached mockup is directly inspired by the original tiles at Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego, but could be substituted with the pattern that adorned the original 1946-built Oceanside station, which was torn down in 1988. 

As the exterior staircase cuts its upward path across the building, a school of tuna follow the same visual line created by the blocky stairs. The symbolism of these powerful fish should once again act as a visual reminder, this time of our collective history of sport fishing throughout San Diego County, an industry that continues today with both commercial fisheries as well as fishing charters operating out of the nearby Oceanside harbor. While the schooling fish appear to take flight to the upper deck of the parking structure, pedestrians and drivers will find themselves beneath the lip of a cresting wave which has already made impact at the far end of the buildings facade. The loose and energetic paint strokes of the massive 30-foot wave will communicate the energy and excitement of the Pacific Ocean just a few blocks away.

In my mural practice I always strive to create images that are thoughtful and site-specific by referencing the history and culture of the place and its people. As a long-time resident of San Diego County, I feel uniquely poised to address this project in a way that is genuine and heartfelt."


-Jonny Pucci 

Jonny Pucci received his BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA in 2009.

With over ten years of experience as a painter, muralist, illustrator, installation artist and designer with works across the United States, Mexico and Russia, he seeks to create positive change by engaging in community outreach through public art. As a surfer, snowboarder and cyclist, Jon draws most of his inspiration from time spent in the outdoors.


Oceanside Transit Center pedestrian tunnel public art project  

In partnership with North County Transit District (NCTD), Art that Excites, through the MSO Design Committee, is issuing a request for an Art Coordinator to submit a proposal to support selecting the best art solution at the Oceanside Transit Center (OTC) pedestrian tunnel. The Art Coordinator is not required to be a resident of Oceanside to apply, but it is strongly encouraged for local Art Coordinators to submit a proposal. The selected person must be capable of providing a professional and quality service while working in tandem with the partners invested in improving Oceanside’s public art. 

This RFQ will accept proposals from May 15, 2024, through June 14, 2024, at 5 PM PST. The winning proposal will be notified by July 19, 2024. 

The Art Coordinator will be expected to support art outreach beginning late July 2024 through August 2024, with the expectation to deliver a one-page summary of the outreach to MSO and NCTD by September 1, 2024.

The Art Coordinator will act as a non-voting member to assist the design committee in the following RFP periods:

  • December 1, 2024 – January 15, 2025: Reviewing initial proposals to select the top 5 artists

  • February 15 – March 15, 2025: Reviewing the final proposals of the top 5 artists to determine the top 3 to go to public voting

The Art Coordinator will also be expected to support the public outreach events for the public selection of the final artist. 

For complete details including proposal criteria and timeline, download the RFQ using the button below.

Submission deadline is Friday, June 14, 2024, by 5:00 PM PST. Late submissions will not be considered.

Thank you for your interest in the Art that Excites and for your interest in a dynamic, vibrant Downtown Oceanside! We look forward to receiving your submission.

For questions or concerns, please contact Gumaro Escarcega at 760-754-4512 or email


conehead investments Inc.

615 Mission Ave. across from MainStreet Oceanside

"Nautical Neighbors"

Glass mosaic muralist Don Myers partnered with the MainStreet Oceanside Design Committee to install a glass mosaic mural. Depicting a community of local sea life below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, the 16-by-12-foot mural has been installed with glass sponsored and provided by Oceanside Glass & Tile and was dedicated at a Community Mural Unveiling CelebrationThe mural completes the first phase of the Art that Excites program. 

Gloria Muriel painting mural.jpg
Isabel Figueroa posing with finished mur

Northern Pine Brewing

326 N. Horne St.

"Yin Yang Dragons" and "The Sacred Offering" 

“Yin Yang Dragons” by professional muralist Gloria Muriel “expresses self-love and strength. It supports women artists.” The black-and-white mural is Muriel’s first North County mural.


Through a collaborative mentoring opportunity with Dinah Poellnitz, Muriel worked with local young artist Isabel Figueroa. “The Sacred Offering,” Figueroa's first mural, is a tribute to the women of Oceanside’s Eastside Pozole Neighborhood.


These intersecting murals located at 326 N. Horne Street embrace Oceanside’s civic identity and art diversity while representing our community’s past, present and future.

OMI Mural 3.jpg

Star Theatre

402 N. Coast Highway

"The Beauty of the Sea Will Always Be With Me"

The first Oceanside Mural Initiative mural was completed in 2017 by Skye Walker. The mural was selected by the Oceanside community with over 1,500 votes. The public art mural continues to be celebrated by visitors and locals alike. MainStreet Oceanside matched dollar for dollar to make this project a reality. 

About Art that Excites

Art that Excites, previously the Oceanside Mural Initiative, seeks to install 10 curated public art murals in Downtown Oceanside. Art that Excites is a community-driven program that will integrate key partners in the Downtown Oceanside area. Through this program, Oceanside will become a destination for public art, create a model by which Oceanside and other communities can fulfill community-driven arts initiatives, act as a medium for education and community outreach, and help to define Oceanside as a community whose identity is built upon and driven by the arts. 


MainStreet Oceanside is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and your donation is tax deductible. For more information about Art that Excites or to inquire about stakeholder and corporate sponsorships, please contact Gumaro Escarcega at 760-754-4512 or

About the Oceanside Cultural District

One of California’s first 14 cultural districts and one of only three in San Diego County, The Oceanside Cultural District, located in Downtown Oceanside, was designated by the California Arts Council in 2017. Bounded by The Star Theatre to the north (Sportfisher Drive), the Oceanside Museum of Art to the east (Nevada Street), The Hill Street Country Club gallery to the south (Minnesota Avenue) and the Oceanside Pier to the west, the Oceanside Cultural District, is home to an eclectic, emerging art scene. Along historic Highway 101 and the Pacific Ocean, with an iconic pier and amphitheater, you will find a unique destination with an abundance of cultural resources. 


Oceanside Museum of Art is a premier regional art museum and a leader of arts and culture. The California Surf Museum connects with nontraditional arts audiences while honoring local surf culture. The historical Sunshine Brooks and Star theaters provide opportunities for all ages and introduce professional theatrical expression to thousands of schoolchildren each year.


Cultural events like the Oceanside Dia de Los Muertos Festival are varied, colorful and celebratory as well as educational, featuring dance, music and food. The district is home to MainStreet Oceanside’s Farmers Market and Sunset Market, San Diego County’s top weekly food and music street fair. Tattoo artists recognize the area’s military historical heritage with much of their work, and Artist Alley provides an interactive experience for all with practicing artists and artisans. Restaurants, wineries and breweries in the district highlight local artists and musicians.

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