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Southern California has attracted people from all over the world and is renowned for its diversity which is reflected in the international food offerings of the Sunset Market.


Walking around the Sunset Market's food court is like taking a trip around the world. 


Choose from many of these specialty foods every Thursday evening:

Thai Chef Saranya:
Traditional Spicy Noodle Soups / Knom Krok / Salad
Japanese Tempura / Wok Cooked Veggies / Sushi Rolls
Ed's Filipino:
Traditional Filipino / Adobo / Pancit / Lumpia
Papaya Grill:
Thailand’s Legendary Food Stand Thai Burger / Noodles / Deep Fried Lobster & Shrimp Kabobs
Drift Sushi:
Freshly Prepared Sashimi / Sushi / Hand Rolls
Japan’s Famous Street Treat - Takoyaki
Vietnamese Grill:
Authentic Pho / Viet Sandwiches / Crispy Veggie Rolls
Green Bar:
Asian Fusion Specialties
Tori Tori Tei:
Chinese Filipino Fusion / Angus Lumpia / Chicken Skewers / Kung Poa / Pancit
American Classics

Da Big Show BBQ:

Big & Bold Traditional BBQ / Smoked Meats 

L.A. Gourmet:

Freshly Grilled Sausages & Select Toppings

Hunters Steak:

Open Pit California Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip

Mu’s East Coast Lobster:

Lobster and Shrimp Rolls and Bisques

Beachside Sliders:

All American Succulent Sliders 


Classic Cheese Steak Sandwiches / “Philly” Nachos

Urban Chow Pizza:

Fresh Handmade Pizza 

Daisy’s Cajun Kitchen:

Creole Gumbo, Po' Boys, Beignets


Chicken Run:

Fried Chicken and Southern Soul Specialties



Classic Hot Dogs, Brats and Churros

Latin American


Finest Foods:

South American Empanadas / Savory & Sweet


Surf & Sea:

Mexican Street Tacos / Fresh Roasted Corn


El Gordito:

El Salvadoran Pupusas


Street Foods:

Gourmet Seafood Wraps & Tacos / Incredible Dressings


Arepas Papachon:

Traditional Handmade Venezuelan Arepas


Gourmet Tamales & Wicked Salsa:

Handmade Tamales, Assorted Salsas, Freshly Guacamole



Latin Seafood Specialties / Ceviche / Wraps / Rolls



Brazil’s Unique Sidewalk Specialty - Stuffed Hash Browns

Exotic Island Specialties
Onolicious Grinds:
Hawaiian Island Classics / Kahlua Pork / Huli-Huli Chicken
One Love Jamaican:
Grilled Jerk Favorites / Ox Tail / Escovitch / Savory Patties / Plantains
Belgium Delights:
Crispy Euro Fries with Dipping Sauces
Wow Wow Waffles:
Authentic Belgium Street Treats / Fresh Waffles
La Creperie:
Savory and Sweet French Styled Crepes
Feliccia’s Italian:
Handmade Sausages and Italian Classics
Langos and Crepes:
Legendary Hungarian Street Snacks - freshly prepared Veraniki and Pelmeni
Pasta Design:
Prepared Handmade Lasagnas, Ravioli, Fettuccini with assorted sauces.


Mediterranean / Middle Eastern


Greek Gourmet:

Mediterranean Kabobs / Spiral Cut Greek Fried Potatoes



Fresh Hand Carved Greek Gyros


Marsala Kitchen:

Traditional Indian Curries / Samosas / Naan Bread / Chutneys


Devine Fresh:

Mediterranean Foods / Falafel / Gyro Wraps/ Roasted Eggplant / Dolmades / Greek Salads




Olivia's Kitchen:

West African Cuisine / Braised Goat / Seafood Waake /  Kelewele  / Sambusas


Flavors of East Africa:

East African Cuisine / Anjeros / Sambusas / Jackie Chicken / Curry / Teas



North African Tunisian Merguez and Seafood Sandwiches 




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