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Foodies rejoice! We have a special section of Sunset Market that caters to your gourmet side. It's called Fresh and Ready Row.


Here you'll find the very best bakers and goodie makers in Southern California selling an astounding variety of take-home treats. Beautiful flowers and orchids are also sold here.


You'll find many of these gourmet goodies every Thursday evening:

Fun Foods & Bakers


Pop & Mama's:

Freshly Cooked Kettle Corn / Funnel Cakes


Al’s Café:

Superb Variety of Fudges, Cut to Order in Assorted Flavors


Sweet Potato Shack:

Signature Recipe Southern Cakes and Peach Cobblers



East Coast Italian Ice in Assorted Flavors


Famous Pretzels:

Freshly Prepared Soft Pretzels and Pretzel Dogs with Assorted Dipping Sauces.


California Cupcakes:

Top Quality Cupcakes in Creative Combinations



Made to Order Hand Dipped Strawberries in Assorted Chocolates and Toppings


Mariposa Ice Cream:

Locally Produced Small Batch Hand Made European Style Ice Creams



Sweet Patties:

Freshly Roasted Candied Nuts


London Bakery:

European Gallery Cakes and Fruit Curds


Cookie Lady:

Gourmet Cookies, Macaroons and Bars


Na Pali Shave Ice:

The Authentic Hawaiian Treat with Tropical Ice Creams and Toppings


Puja’s Wholistic Creations:

Unique All Natural Organically Balanced Cookies and Crumbles


Cheryl’s Caramel’s:

Cheryl’s Own Handmade Recipes


Olive Oil Bakery:

Reduced Gluten and Sugar Gourmet Baked Goods


Dank Donuts:

Hot Mini-Doughnuts Made to Order


Versal Bakery:

Organic / Reduced Gluten and Sugar Tarts, Cakes and Cookies


Darn Good Asian Baked Goods:

Reduced Gluten and Sugar Pies and Cobblers


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