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Placemaking Program

Request for Proposals For Oceanside Landmark Sign


Release Date: December 3, 2020

Location: Downtown Oceanside, California


Media Contact: Main Street Program Manager, Gumaro Escarcega

Project Contact: Placemaking Ad Hoc Chair, Lauren Sweeton


Oceanside, Calif. — Dec. 3: Want to submit a bid to create an iconic Oceanside sign to “Placemake” the Property and Business Improvement District, located in Downtown Oceanside? The sign will act as a new landmark at the "heart" of the Sunset Market and create a "place" that locals and visitors are invited to enjoy for decades to come. The DTOPBID is requesting proposals for a landmark sign located in the intersection of Tremont Street and Pier View Way (see image above).


The selection process will be two tiered:

  • Round One: Candidates will submit an initial design; top five designs (as selected by the PBID Placemaking Ad Hoc with direction from the Arts Commission Ad Hoc) will move into Round Two. Round One submissions are due on January 13, 2021.


  • Round Two: The top five candidates will be granted $1,000 and four weeks to flesh out their designs, budget, specs, etc. PBID Ad Hoc will choose three of these five to go to public vote (which will coincide with a fundraising initiative for added funds on top of the allocated PBID budget) and the winner determined. The winning design will be presented to the City Council for approval prior to moving into the development stage.


What is the DTOPBID?

  • The Downtown Oceanside Property and Business Improvement District (DTOPBID) is an assessment district (managed by MainStreet Oceanside) which is tasked with providing additional services above and beyond the level the City of Oceanside currently provides, within a defined area.

  • The services are funded by an assessment on real property, which appears on property tax bills. PBIDs are proven to work by providing services that improve the overall viability of commercial districts, resulting in higher property values and sales volumes. PBIDs provide funding for programs which work efficiently to maintain the area as a clean and safe district. The services are chosen by property owners and customized to fit the needs of the district. All services are designed to provide direct benefits to those who pay into the PBID.

  • Oceanside’s PBID funds have been split between the pillars of Maintenance, Safety, Economic Development and Administration & Advocacy.

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