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  • Steve Marcotte,

Beach Hut Deli

As the name implies, the Beach Hut Deli, located in the ‘Pierside North’ building, 280 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, serves a wide variety of gourmet deli sandwiches in a beach resort-like atmosphere.

The restaurant was opened by Bryce Moretti in April of 2017. New to Oceanside, the Beach Hut Deli concept has been around since 1981. “The Beach Hut Deli got started near Sacramento California, right by Folsom Lake. I grew up there and went to the original restaurant my whole life,” explained Bryce. “I became really good friends with the founder and his kids. When I moved down here, I owned a construction company and I didn’t think could find a good place to go get a sandwich.”

Bryce contacted his friend, Troy Fiest who opened the first Beach Hut Deli restaurant at age 19. “There are five restaurants in Orange County and I wanted to talk him into opening one down here, somewhere in North County. Oceanside still has that small beach town feel. Everyone knows each other by name,” continued Bryce, “Instead, he ended up talking me into doing it, so here I am. I loved construction. That’s what I grew up doing. I never even worked at a restaurant before. I really like this. Working in the Beach Hut Deli is great, a really laid back atmosphere. More so than most restaurants.”