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  • Steve Marcotte,

Beach Hut Deli

As the name implies, the Beach Hut Deli, located in the ‘Pierside North’ building, 280 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, serves a wide variety of gourmet deli sandwiches in a beach resort-like atmosphere.

The restaurant was opened by Bryce Moretti in April of 2017. New to Oceanside, the Beach Hut Deli concept has been around since 1981. “The Beach Hut Deli got started near Sacramento California, right by Folsom Lake. I grew up there and went to the original restaurant my whole life,” explained Bryce. “I became really good friends with the founder and his kids. When I moved down here, I owned a construction company and I didn’t think could find a good place to go get a sandwich.”

Bryce contacted his friend, Troy Fiest who opened the first Beach Hut Deli restaurant at age 19. “There are five restaurants in Orange County and I wanted to talk him into opening one down here, somewhere in North County. Oceanside still has that small beach town feel. Everyone knows each other by name,” continued Bryce, “Instead, he ended up talking me into doing it, so here I am. I loved construction. That’s what I grew up doing. I never even worked at a restaurant before. I really like this. Working in the Beach Hut Deli is great, a really laid back atmosphere. More so than most restaurants.”

Beach Hut Deli is a laid-back place to dine, too. The highly polished wood tables are shaped like surfboards with surf-themed artifacts lining the walls. Each booth has its own television or you can enjoy dining on the outdoor patio. “We always have sports on. We have the NFL Sunday Ticket and all of those types of packages, “said Bryce. “We have kind of a deli/sports bar thing going. We do fun things like football pools where regulars compete to get their name on a trophy.” Beach Hut Deli has sixteen beers on tap. “We have a lot of craft beers and we like to keep it local. Especially down here. We have so many amazing beers to choose from.”

The atmosphere is great but what people really like is the food. Hot and cold sandwiches, classic and breakfast sandwiches, soups, salads, nachos and other munchies. “We use a lot of cream cheese and avocado which no one else does. We also have the best bacon. Super crispy, super thick. I don’t know why most restaurants can’t cook bacon. Ours is amazing,” Bryce continued, “For the most part, we locally source everything. Our bread is delivered fresh every day from Tahoe. We use fresh and a lot higher quality ingredients than any other chain deli is going to use. I think it’s because we are a small chain, mostly in California.”

The sandwiches come in three sizes with the best seller by far, not only in Oceanside but at all the Beach Hut Deli’s, is the ‘Surfin’ Bird’; Turkey, avocado, bacon and cream cheese. An Oceanside favorite is the ‘Malibu’; Hot pastrami, swiss cheese, Italian dressing, avocado and mayo on toasted garlic bread. “People love our sandwiches because we use a ton of meat and a ton of avocados,” said Bryce.

“Beach Hut Deli is kind of a community restaurant, a gathering place and that’s how all of them are. Everyone who has opened one is friends with the founder in one form or another. They get what it’s all about. He calls it the “ohana” which means family. We build it to help other people. Serve other people. Give them a place that’s laid back and people feel comfortable in. That’s what I always felt like when I was at the one in Sacramento. I g

uess that’s why I opened this one when he told me I had to,” said Bryce.

To learn more about Beach Hut Deli, view their menu or see their wide range of catering options, visit

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