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Ten Room Boutique Hotel Project

406 Pier View Way

From the Staff Report of February 7, 2018



The proposed project is a request for approval to establish and operate a ten-room

boutique hotel use with ancillary guest facilities being provided within the existing 12,002-

square-foot three-story commercial building. The building was originally constructed in

1888 with the third-story being added in 1920. The historic referral to the property is the

"Avon Hotel" which operated on site up until the 1970s.


The original "Avon Hotel" has operated over the years as both a residential and

commercial use, with the previous owner of the property using it solely for commercial

purposes. The property is General Plan-designated "Redevelopment" and is situated in the

Redevelopment Planning Area's "D" (Downtown) Zone District, Subdistrict 1, which is

intended "To provide a commercial/retail and office complex offering a wide variety of

goods and services to both the community at-large and to tourists and visitors."

The proposed Development Plan, Conditional Use Permit, and Regular Coastal Permit

were submitted to the City on September 12, 2017.



The proposed project would allow for the establishment and operation of a ten-room

boutique hotel with ancillary guest facilities such as a small coffee/cafe space and roof top

deck with bar and lounge area being part of phase one improvements. All ancillary

facilities would be open to the public during prescribed hours of operation. In addition, the

applicant would construct minor interior tenant improvements and exterior fac;ade

improvements in order to bring the building up to code and rejuvenate the pedestrian

experience along Pier View Way. Upon expiration of the existing lease at 406 Pier View

Way (Fire Water Saloon), phase two would include re-purposing of the space into the hotel

operation as a restaurant/dining area for guests of the hotel and visitors to downtown


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