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This Master Plan has been prepared to implement the land use policies approved by the Coastal Commission as part of LCP-1-91 , that encourages the development of visitor-serving commercial facilities and tourist and visitor oriented accommodations with the Strand Study Area. The Land Use Plan further requires that a minimum amount of visitor-serving commercial facilities and visitor oriented accommodations be constructed within the nine-block area bounded by The Strand, Cleveland Street, Seagaze Drive and Civic Center Drive. This nine-block area is described in this Master Plan as the MPA.


The primary function of the Master Plan is to implement the LCP requirement for the visitor-serving commercial area adjacent to the Oceanside Municipal Pier in regards to land use mix and intensity of development.


The Master Plan is designed to assure a high quality of development on the site, consistent with the objectives of the community, the Redevelopment Plan and the Local Coastal Program. In addition, the Master Plan will establish development standards and clear criteria for evaluating proposed developments within the MPA.


The Master Plan consists of standards and guidelines and serves to implement existing City regulations (e.g. Zoning Ordinance, Local Coastal Program) and Community Development Commission land use regulations and development criteria. The Master Plan regulations implement and clarify other regulations particularly where such other regulations are general or leave alternatives open. In cases, where a topic is not addressed specifically by the Master Plan, other City regulations apply.


The basis for the Master Plan is the Local Coastal Program's (LCP) Land Use Plan (LUP) policies for recreation and visitor serving facilities. The LCP's Land Use Plan policies provide that the nine-block area be planned to insure a minimum intensity of visitor serving commercial facilities. The specific relevant policies requiring the preparation of this Master Plan were approved by the California Coastal Commission in October 1992 and are presented in later sections of this document.



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