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  • Lola Sherman

Miss Kim’s by That Boy Good

Miss Kim’s by TBG, 207 N. Coast Highway, is the new name for one of Oceanside’s favorite restaurants, That Boy Good.

The same owners of Miss Kim’s by TBG, Kim and Mark Millwood, with the same great down-home cooking locals have been enjoying since 2012, now have a second location — the That Boy Good BBQ Counter — at 326 Horne St.

The name change is a salute from Mark to Kim in recognition of the hard work and dedication she has put in to make the restaurant a success.

“I was one of two girls working in the front during the first year, every single day. The Marines would come in and call me Miss Kim. Then they would go on deployment and come back in. I would just be hugging them and telling them I was so glad they were back. They would tell me, ‘Miss Kim, we love you, we love you.’ That’s how the ‘Miss Kim’ came about. I didn’t want to do the name change because I didn’t want people to get confused but it really is just Mark’s way of saying thank you.”