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What to Do If Someone at Home has Coronavirus Symptoms

CDC says isolate at home if sick and prevent spread

You may be doing everything health experts are recommending to prevent getting COVID-19, such as washing your hands often and practicing social distancing. But what happens when you or someone in your house starts showing COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for the new coronavirus?

While an unpleasant situation to think about, it is critically important to be prepared for any emergency at home involving COVID-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says most people who get COVID-19 will only have what is considered a mild illness and will be able to recover at home.

Nevertheless, people with COVID-19 need to monitor their symptoms. If they show any of the emergency warning signs — including trouble breathing, persistent pain in chest — they need to seek medical attention right away. Additional steps must be taken to help prevent the spread of the potentially deadly virus in the household.

What is home isolation?