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COVID-19 Screening Questions: Honest Answers Are Important

Concealing COVID symptoms at medical offices puts many at risk

There is a growing concern among health care providers regarding patients who fail to disclose they have symptoms of COVID-19 before entering a medical facility.

“Waiting until you are in an exam room to disclose to your doctor that you have COVID-19 or COVID symptoms is simply too late,” says Ghazala Sharieff, MD, MBA, Scripps chief medical officer, acute care, clinical excellence and experience. “Accurate information affects the way we approach personal protective equipment and the rooms we may put patients in. It protects health workers, patients and visitors.”

Everyone entering a Scripps Health treatment facility must be screened for COVID-19 by answering questions about possible symptoms and/or exposure for the coronavirus. The screening tool is only one of several added safety measures Scripps has taken to help prevent the spread of the virus — but it is a vital one that is dependent on honest answers from patients in order to be effective.

“It’s important to answer screening questions carefully and not rush the process just to make your appointment on time or because you’re afraid you won’t be seen if you say you have a symptom,” Dr. Sharieff says. “You will receive the care you need regardless of your symptoms.”

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